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Health Locker Assistance

Allows you to take control of your health by enabling you to store, organized and share all your health information

Lab Analyzer

Easy to understand graphical representation of your labs. Analyze and coach you the healthy way

Digitized health records

Color coded graphical representation of medical data. Consolidate your families medical history and share your medical records anywhere and anytime with the click of a button - as easy as taking a selfie

Diagnostic Dicom Viewer

View from Anywhere, Anytime, Across All Imaging Types. Can be accessed through the web or integrated into any PACS

Receive Treatment and Get Better

  • Create your secure account, then log in for a webcam consultation with your medical provider
  • After the consultation, follow your personalized treatment plan. If your provider wrote an e-prescription, purchase and pick-up the prescription at your local pharmacy

Medic On Demand App Available

Download the iOS app from your iPhone and use Medic On Demand software, Search for the best doctors for your temparory and permonent medical treatments. Its easy, download now!. AVAILABLE ON STORES