Provider Services

We provide you with access to all the benefits of virtual telemedicine by giving you the ability to expand your reach and increase patients


Build and strengthen your online reputation.

Deliver a healthcare experience that patients love.

Join a community where thousands of providers already have.

Attract and engage new and old patients.

Strengthen or build your online presence.

As an individual provider, you have the freedom to treat patients online through our secure web portal. On average a virtual visit lasts around 10 minutes, allowing you to see more patients during hours you set.



Offer Convenience

The patients you treat will love the expedience of being treated from the comfort of their home or office.

Earn More

Our technology helps boost your online practice, without any healthcare hassles when it comes to reimbursement for your services and overhead costs.

Experience Flexibility

Work from home and choose your own schedule.

Community Health

Increase collaboration as well as coordination at all levels in your organization with Medic On Demand’s custom built administrative portal.

Receive Treatment and Get Better

  • Create your secure account, then log in for a webcam consultation with your medical provider
  • After the consultation, follow your personalized treatment plan. If your provider wrote an e-prescription, purchase and pick-up the prescription at your local pharmacy


Medic On Demand App Available

Download the iOS app from your iPhone and use Medic On Demand software, Search for the best doctors for your temparory and permonent medical treatments. Its easy, download now!. AVAILABLE ON STORES