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Start offering telehealth consultations.

We work with hospital systems around the country to implement telemedicine practices.

Providers can offer follow-up consultations to discharged patients, treat patients during their down time and even refer current patients to have online visits.

Benefits of Telehealth Use in Hospitals

  • Connect with remote specialists (not in hospital) for continuity of care
  • Provider-to-provider communication regarding treatment plan
  • Remote monitoring of patient vitals by hospital staff
  • Conduct follow-up visits once discharged to reduce frequency of re-admissions and track recovery

Improve Standards of Care

Following up with patients after they have been discharged is an excellent way to maintain quality care and patient satisfaction

Risk Management

Most phone consults are not well documented. Reduce risk by improving visit documentation

Increase Patient Volume

Telemedicine makes it easy to connect with patients outside their normal geography, expanding your hospital’s treatment radius

Expand service offerings

Enhance patient satisfaction and provider productivity by treating patients virtually. Telemedicine can help reduce hospital re-admissions, lower treatment costs and promote continuity of care

Improve Patient Access

Enable remote monitoring, conduct follow-up visits and connect your patients with specialists to streamline their care

Expand Local Reach

Treat patients beyond your treatment radius and learn how to connect with local consumers and employers

Receive Treatment and Get Better

  • Create your secure account, then log in for a webcam consultation with your medical provider
  • After the consultation, follow your personalized treatment plan. If your provider wrote an e-prescription, purchase and pick-up the prescription at your local pharmacy

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